Types of Power Transformers and Their Uses

Electrical energy is used to elevate the transmitted power to a high voltage, and even at rather high voltages, it is very effective at power transfer. Transformers, therefore, help to reduce energy loss due to their resistance. It brings the energy obtained to a particular range and ensures that the electricity is used as per local needs.

Usually, Buck Boost transformers are used to fine-tune low-voltage implementations, with power variations varying from conditions of high or low voltages to motor applications. Step Up transformers cause the normal low voltage level to be increased, i.e. the voltage will be raised to 120 volts from 108 volts. Unlike Step Up, Step Down transformers can enable to reduce the voltage from elevated voltage conditions.

There are a variety of transformers available in the market. And you get one for your company depending on your needs. These are a few types of transformers to be aware of:


This is a type of a leakage transformer. It uses the leakage inductor of its secondary windings to generate one or more electric resonant circuits combined with additional capacitors. The Tesla coil is capable of generating fairly high voltages and also provides much higher current than electrostatic high-voltage machines.


It is predominantly used in power systems to measure voltage and current. It can also be used for the safety and control of power systems. If a voltage or current is too high to be used by an instrument properly, it can be capped down to a minimal value.


These are smaller, lightweight and cheaper than a conventional dual-winding transformer, although electrical insulation is not provided by an autotransformer. Autotransformers are designed to move up or down across voltages throughout the 110-117-120-volt range and voltages in the 220-230-240-volt range. Meaning, it can output either 110 or 120V from a 230V supply, enabling the use of equipment in 230V region from a 100 or 120V region. You can hire these power transformers in Australia from various dealers.


Leakage transformers, sometimes known to as a stray-field transformer, has a considerably greater leakage inductor than most other transformers, every so often enhanced by a main and secondary magnetic bypass or thrust in its core, which is adjusted using a fixed screw. The main use is for high voltage discharge lamps and arc welding.


They are required for 3 phase supplies. The magnetic circuits are linked together with these Polyphase transformers, the centre thereby holding a three-phase flux flow. There are a variety of winding configurations, offering different attributes and phase changes. The primary use is in grounding and suppression of harmonic currents.


Audio transformers are designed specifically for audio circuit use. They are able to be used to block signal interference or an audio signal’s DC component, to separate or merge audio signals, or to provide high and low impedance matching.

These transformers were originally intended to link separate telephone systems to each other while isolating their respective power supplies. In the present day they are used to interconnect professional audio systems.