Tips to Choose a Home Decor Style

You might be decorating your room or the whole house, there are many themes and styles you can choose to make it look perfect. First of all, you have to focus on your preferences and select a theme and a style to complement it in order to achieve your dream home or room.

This might not be easy when you actually start doing it because there are so many products on the market and there’s a high chance of changing your choices every time you see fancy products. You will feel like all the styles are beautiful. Therefore, it is important to narrow down a precise theme or a fusion of two themes for your purpose.

Basic Styles

If you haven’t identified your style yet or confused as to where to start, here are some main styles for you to choose from. Casual style brings warmth, comfort and relaxation to your home. You can achieve this style with four-sided elements, soft fittings with textured materials and rustic design.

Check the traditional styles and compare them with the latest styles. You will find out nothing is actually new. It’s just that a modern touch has been given to all the traditional decorating styles. So, see whether you want a fully traditional design or a traditional style and give a fresh new look to it. 

Formal style consists of elegant, symmetrical and exquisite furniture. This style is well complemented with high ceilings, tall windows and polished wood. Antique accessories, imported rugs and decorative trims are essential to bring out this style.

Contemporary style includes neutral colours, smooth and geometric furniture and structural elements. This style gives an essential, naïve and delicate sophistication to the interior. You can search for wellington homeware shops to find out the best places to buy all your required furniture or other elements for decoration.

Designs from All Over the World

You also can go a step further after choosing a basic style. That is to get inspiration from different influences around the world so that you can make the interior look more detailed. 

French country style usually mixes patterns, chandeliers, symmetrical chairs and a pop colour in an ivory kitchen. Swedish style is complemented by light, clean, blue and white colour theme. This includes minimalistic exteriors with red and gold accents, straight lines and gentle curves for the furniture and simple woven fabrics.

If you prefer natural stone, wood and earthy colours along with terracotta, copper pots, rustic shutters and open cupboards, Tuscan style is the best option for you. You can add a little mystery and romance to your interior by bringing in Paris Apartment style with luxurious silks, baroque, rococo and neoclassical with rich jewels.

Colours and Flair

Colours of basic styles range from black and white to red, white and blue. Therefore, make sure to choose colours and patterns that will go along with your theme and accent colours.

Don’t stop after choosing a basic style and another style to go along with it. It is your home so there must be elements that show off your style. So, think of possible ways to incorporate your personal flair into the designs and styles you chose to make your dream home come true.