Tips for Choosing Motorcycle Tyres

The selection of tyres will have an impact on the performance and safety of your motorcycle. It is therefore important to choose the right tyre so that you can improve the overall riding experience. There are also many suppliers for motorcycle tyres; you can even order them online.

When selecting motorcycle tyres NZ, you need to consider the riding style. Different tyres are designed for different riding styles so you have to think about how you typically ride when selecting the right tyre. If you use your motorcycle for commuting and generally use it to cruise on the street leisurely, you can look for street or sport-touring tyres.

You can benefit from a comfortable ride when you choose these tyres. But for sport riding where you will be riding on curvy roads most of the time, you can select sport or hyper sport tyres where there is superior handling and grip when you are travelling at high speeds.

There are people who travel off-road on rough terrains. For this, you will need to have tyres that have deeper treads. These should have strong sidewalls so that the tyre can handle the rough roads. For long distance journeys, touring tyres are a great choice as they offer durability and stability for a long period. If you have a large and heavy motorcycle, cruiser tyres will be an ideal option as they offer improved stability.

Check the owner’s manual of the motorcycle

Or its specifications label to see what tyre types and sizes are recommended by the manufacturer. Guidelines will be given on the size, speed rating and load capacity for the tyres. You need to select the right type of tyre so that your safety, handling and stability are improved. You can also ask for a recommendation from a professional motorcycle mechanic if you are unsure of which tyre to select.

The tread pattern is another consideration. This is what decides how the tyres of the motorcycle interact with the road surface. There are tyres that come with no tread pattern. These have a smooth surface and are called slick tyres for riding on dry and smooth roads. They are mostly used for racing and track. Street tyres are designed for paved roads offering good water dispersion when you are riding in wet conditions.

You can also select all-season tyres

Where you can achieve a good balance between street and off-road capabilities. So you have to consider the riding conditions when choosing the right tread pattern. There are different constructions for tyres as well with the main types being radial and bias-ply. Bias-ply tyres have a stronger sidewall and are used for heavier motorcycles.

These are great for off-road use. Radial tyres tend to be more expensive but they offer good stability, grip and cornering performance on paved roads. Check the load and speed ratings for the tyre as this will give you an idea of its longevity and safety. The load capacity of the tyres should be compatible with the weight of the motorcycle along with additional passengers and cargo.