Understanding the Role of an Arborist

It can take a lot of time and effort to look after trees in a large property. Trees need special care and sometimes we will not be able to spot if a tree seems to be lacking in something. There are things that you can do to maximize the benefits of trees. There are professionals who have extensive knowledge about different types of trees and their maintenance. You can get their help to inspect the health of the trees on your property and see whether there are any maintenance procedures to be done.

An arborist is also called an arboculturist. They are professionals in the field of arboriculture that focuses primarily on the management of trees and caring for trees. They will monitor trees for health, prepare arborist reports Melbourne and devise solutions to better care for different tree conditions. It is not just the health of trees that you need to think about. You need to maintain trees to ensure the safety of the people and property around it. Arborists will undertake large projects like removing trees which can be quite dangerous if not done with proper equipment and safety procedures in place. There are certain national and international standards for tree maintenance and a qualified arborist will adhere to these standards.

The safety of the tree and its aesthetical value will be preserved by the arborists. They will look at how the tree is located and oriented in the property and the surrounding context when it comes to tree care. Different species of trees will react differently to sunlight and other climatic conditions. And when it comes to pruning, the degree of pruning that needs to be done will differ according to the type of tree as well. If there is excessive pruning, it will actually affect the health of the tree adversely. While we may cut a tree looking at the aesthetics and safety for the surrounding context, an arborist will look at how the cutting will affect the tree’s health and how it will affect the regrowth of the tree.

There is a variety of services that will be provided by arborists. If you are planting new trees on your property they will be able to select trees that will grow well in that specific environment. Young trees also need to be pruned at certain intervals to ensure that they grow healthy with a proper structure. In addition to pruning, arborists will carry out cutting, trimming, mulching etc. Whenever there is a construction project underway at a property, an arborist can be consulted to see how best to preserve the existing trees. There are certain diseases that trees can have and they can be diagnosed correctly by an arborist and they will create a treatment procedure. Sometimes there is a risk for trees when the location is overcrowded or if a certain tree has a pest issue. So an arborist will decide on a course of action whether to remove a tree or not.