Reasons Why Switching to Bamboo Toilet Paper is a Great Choice

These days, people are more aware on how each of our actions affect the environment. One good example of this is the waste products that we produce each day. In everything we do, there is always an equivalent waste or trash that needs to be disposed – whether you’re cooking, taking a bath, eating, working, or basically everything. Some of these wastes don’t get degraded easily which would then accumulate and cause negative effects to the environment. Because of this, more and more people are already looking for eco-friendly alternatives for almost everything.

When it comes to eco-friendly materials, bamboo is one of the most popular these days. It is more sustainable than other plant sources plus biodegradable as well. Bamboo is used on a lot of products – from clothing, food packaging and even on toilet paper. If you’re curious about its pros, here are some of the best reasons why you should use bamboo toilet paper instead of regular ones.

Saves Trees

Trees are essential to maintain the balance of carbon dioxide and oxygen in the air we breathe. They produce more oxygen which we need to breathe and take in carbon dioxide to clean the air. When you opt for bamboo toilet paper, you could help save the forest and the trees. You’ll be investing less on companies that cause harm to the planet, which is already the first step we should take.

Free From Chemicals, Fragrances, and Colorants

A lot of our products are commonly using chemicals, fragrances and inks to make them look more appealing to the consumers. However, companies that produce products made from bamboo don’t use these artificial ingredients to maintain the purity of their product. This is also true with bamboo toilet paper. If you want to try out this eco-friendly product, you could actually buy bamboo toilet paper conveniently online.

Faster Growth Rate

Bamboo grows at a lot faster rate compared to trees. No matter how much the demand for bamboo is, there won’t be a shortage unlike when using hardwood. Bamboo is definitely a great material if you’re aiming for more sustainable products. Aside from that, even though it’s fast growing, the bamboo plant also doesn’t need much water compared to regular trees. You could help conserve water consumption in the planet and help those places that have water shortage.

100% Biodegradable

When you use bamboo toilet paper, you can be sure that you’re using a 100% biodegradable product. Even if we dispose it after using, you don’t need to worry since it is built to naturally disintegrate through time. Aside from that, bamboo toilet paper is also safe for your home’s septic system. Unlike regular toilet paper, bamboo disintegrates at a faster rate posing less risk for clogging in the pipes.

With those amazing features of bamboo toilet paper, it’s hard to deny that it really is a lot better than regular wood-pulp toilet paper. Try out this eco-friendly alternative and start your journey in helping save mother earth.