Reasons to Gift Loved Ones with a Quilt

Gifts can be handmade or store bought. There is always a touch of sentimentality attached to a handmade gift. One such gift is a quilt that can be given to both children and adults. You can gift a quilt on a special occasion such as a birthday, milestone, anniversary etc. There are so many ways that you can personalise a quilt.

There is a lot of meaning a handmade quilt can carry. You can find a variety of patchwork fabric from Brisbane quilt shops. You can use different materials to personalise a quilt and this makes for a beautiful keepsake. And a quilt is also functional in addition to creating a lovely aesthetic. You can use it as a throw for the living room sofa. You can also use sentimental clothes and fabric when selecting materials such as using baby clothes, old t-shirts or uniforms etc.

This will actually bring down the cost of the quilt and you will be able to reuse some old fabric that may otherwise go to waste or take up space in storage. It is a great way to bring back a cherished memory. There are many patterns that you can use for a quilt. There are websites where you can download free patterns. You can also buy patterns online from a reputed quilt shop. These will come with precise instructions regarding how many supplies you will need and how to complete the quilting step by step. So even if you are a beginner, there is a lot of support you can get from these resources.     

There is a lot of customisation that a quilt provides. You can choose the thickness and size of the quilt so that it can be used by the recipient easily. Maybe they are looking for something to use when they are watching TV or to cuddle in bed. In the latter situation, you can size the quilt according to the size of the mattress. Also, you can consider the climate when determining the thickness.

Maintenance is another consideration. Think about what will make the quilt easier to wash and use. Because there is a lot of versatility and flexibility that you can explore in a quilt, you can create something that is uniquely personal to the recipient. You can also customise the fabric by printing an image onto it. This will be a great way to celebrate an engagement, the birth of a child, an anniversary etc. You can also include images of cherished family pets.

There is a lot of time and effort that goes into the making of a quilt. This may not be well understood by those who don’t quilt. Traditionally, quilts were made from old leftover clothing and fabric. You also need to consider the personal style of the recipient when designing the quilt and the pattern. There may be some colours that they love and patterns that they are partial to. You can include these to make sure that the quilt appeals to them. You can’t just stick to your own personal style when creating something like this.