Homeowner Essentials: 6 Must Have Power Tools

Power tools are called so because they are able to generate a massive amount of power to perform the tasks they are supposed to do. You can use normal tools to perform some of these tasks, but they will require more effort and time.

Power tools required expertise but nowadays these tools are becoming more user friendly and every homeowner will be able to handle these tools to perform everyday tasks. There are multiple power tools in the market nowadays and below is a list of essential power tools every homeowner must have.

Tool 1: A Multi Head Power Drill Set

A power drill set is also sometimes referred to as an electric screwdriver. A multi head drill is very versatile and is all round handy tool. It can be used for various crafting and drilling jobs.

Unlike old drills that are quite heavy, modern multi head power drills are lighter and also comfortable to use. Because of the compact size the drill can be used in narrow places for screwing and drilling. Most of the drills will consist of a magnetic its holder, lockable bit holder, keyless chuck, angle adapter, right angle and an offset angle.

Tool 2: A Portable Vacuum Cleaner

If you didn’t already know, a vacuum cleaner is categorized as a power tool. A portable one is much for user friendly that the usually cleaner due to its compact nature. You can reach places that regular vacuums can’t.

Modern vacuum cleaners also have a list of features that will assist you a lot. Things like retractable and expandable hoses make them even more convenient.

Tool 3: Oscillating Multi Took Kit

An oscillating device can power through almost any type of material including metal, concrete, wood, plastic, tile and even pipes. You can use it to remove old paint and also trim door casings.

The convenience of switching accessories is also fairly simple with this tool. Most oscillating tool kits have a twist and insert feature. The universal fit can hold almost any common brand of sander or blade.

Tool 4: Demolition Hammer

Now a demolition hammer might not be needed around the house every day, but it is one of the most powerful power tools used to crush almost any type of material.

There are different sizes of demolition tools, and a medium sized hammer is perfect for a normal household.

Tool 5: Air Compressor

This power tool can be used as a standalone or paired with other tools to increase their efficiency. For example, you can use an air compressor to fill a tire or use it with a nail gun to boost the power of the gun.

It is also quite handy with a paint sprayer when painting you house.

Tool 6: Chainsaw

A trimmer can be used to trim shrubs and your lawn but to cut of large branches that are either bothering you or a potential risk you need a chainsaw. Cordless chainsaw is gaining popularity due to their lightweight and compact features when compared to traditional chainsaws.

These are 6 of the most essential power tools every homeowner must have. If you want to have a complete set of tools you can also invest in other tools like a cordless disc sander and polisher, a jigsaw etc.