Features of a Modern Bathroom

How do you make your bathroom look less old-fashioned without spending too much on it? Simple. You only change certain features of it. But when you are hanging your features, you can’t just use the same old designs and colours. Instead, a good remodelling needs modern styles and equipment that can make your bathroom look elegant and luxurious. Take a look at the following to see some of the best features that can be added into a modern bathroom.


A walk-in-shower is one of the features that are becoming very common in bathroom designs these days. These are convenient, space-saving and also add a sleek, contemporary look to the interior. These showers are also considered safer, especially when made without a curb.

It reduces the risk of trips and slips that may happen when there is a curb. Other than these reasons, if you are looking for a way to remodel a small space bathroom, a walk-shower is the perfect addition. The glass walls will create the illusion of space making the space look bigger.

Towel Warmers

Towel warmer are considered more of a convenient and comfortable addition than a luxury features these days. If you are always annoyed at the fact that your towel never completely dries in between usage this is the perfect addition for your bathroom.

These are bathroom heaters that can heat and warm your towels. Once you are done using your towel, you can hang it on the warmer and let it dry. The next time you use it, it will be heated and dried out to make it comfortable for you to use. With towel warmers, you can say bye to using damp towels.

Changing Your Lighting

Modern interior designing relies a lot on lighting. It is perfect to create the ambience of a space and to change the interior outlook as you like it. This means, if you don’t want to do big changes to your bathroom, but still want to make it look more modern, you can simply do it with a little bit of change in your lights. For example, flush-mount lights are perfect to create the mood in a space. You can add mounted lights under the mirror or have separate mirror lights installed to make it easier to use the mirror. If you have more ceiling space, you can even opt for suspended ceiling lights.

Luxury Floors

Bathrooms are nothing without the tiles you choose. You have the freedom to choose whatever floor tiles you prefer depending on the size and design of your bathroom. For example, choosing light tones and neutral tones are perfect for small spaces.

If you want to add a modern minimalist look, you can add dark shades such as black or ash. But in addition to getting new tiles, you can try heated floors. This is done with under-floor piping that is heated with water or electricity. So, if you really want an extra level of luxury, call someone who does premier bathroom renovations in Melbourne to get this feature installed.

Renovations do not always have to be complete makeover. You can do your research and choose only the feature that will suit your design preference, budget and also the available space.