Different Types of Safes According to Your Needs

Protecting our possessions doesn’t only mean keeping our home impenetrable to burglars and other natural disasters that could possibly happen. We also need to have a perfect storage space where we could keep our valued things safe from being stolen or damaged. A safe is almost a necessity in every home.

We all have those important things that we want to protect such as paperwork, legal documents, cash, jewelries, and other valuables. Keeping them in the drawer is not really that safe especially when the unexpected happens. To be sure that all your items are secure, keep them all in a safe and place them on a hidden spot in your home so bad people won’t find them easily and destructive factors such as fire and water can’t reach them as well.

There are different kinds of safes out there but there are these 4 basic kinds that are commonly needed by most households.

Burglary Safe

If you want to keep things that you want to get lost or stolen, a burglary safe is what you need. It is designed to lock all your valuables in, making it hard for thieves to open or access them. Most of these types of safes are equipped with extra levels of security and are tamper-proof as well. You could also choose from different entry methods that are hard to tamper such as fingerprint, lock combination, and keypad. There are some burglary safes that are also fireproof but not all.

Fire Safe

If you’re storing items that could be destroyed by fire such as documents, photographs, and other important paperwork, a fire safe is what you need. Fire safes are designed to resist fire in case it occurs in your home, keeping everything stored in it safe and untouched by the flames. You don’t have to worry about leaving those documents behind since they are safe during a fire breakout. When shopping for fire safes Melbourne has some shops offering warranties for their safe so be sure to consider this factor.

Jewelry Safe

Jewelry safes are specially designed to keep your precious jewelries inside organized and well-maintained as well. Jewelry safes are usually fireproof and water-resistant as well, keeping your jewelries protected from these damaging factors. Aside from that, these safes are also designed to be burglary-proof since jewelries are one of the most common things thieves look for when searching a house.

Gun Safe

Gun safes are designed to store firearms that are why they come in different sizes, depending on the firearm you’re planning to keep. You could mount them on the wall, under the floor, or under a desk for easy access during emergencies. However, unlike other safes, gun safes are designed to be restrictive in access, preventing unauthorized people from opening it and compromising safety.

If you’re looking forthright safe for your home, determine what you want to store to find the right type of safe that suits your needs.