Creating More Storage Spaces in Your Garage

When you make sure that all your stuff is organized, not only you are treated to a cleaner home, you would also notice that looking for something you need becomes easier and preparing for your day ahead every day is effortless.

The problem sometimes when you want to start organizing your whole home is that it seems there is not enough space to store your things. Fortunately, with a few tweaks here and there, your garage could be a storage space you could take advantage of. This might seem impossible for now especially if your garage is a mess. But you might be surprised that just by allotting a day to organize your garage and you would be able to create more storage spaces.

Install a Track System

A track system would ensure that you have a storage space for awkwardly shaped stuff that you don’t know where to put. This includes gardening tools such as rakes, shovels, leaf blowers, etc. These items might be too heavy for a peg board, no matter how durable and heavy duty the board is.

At least with a track system, you would not need to worry that the board will be able to keep the items’ weight. With a track system you could even fix up different attachments and hooks depending on your requirement. When you have a track system, bulky items would also be off the floor to make your garage more organized.

Invest In Sturdy Metal Shelves

If you are renting and or you prefer not to drill any holes in your garage’s wall, you could still have floor to ceiling storage by investing in sturdy metal shelves. Since you already have a track system, your metal shelves might be free to store some of your things. Your garage storage cupboards can be used to keep your luggage, seasonal clothing and other items that you don’t use frequently.

Utilize Narrow Spaces

It might be difficult to utilize narrow spaces because you think there are not a lot of items would fit. But you might be surprised that even narrow spaces in your garage would be perfect to keep your folding ladder, mops, brooms, wipers, and other cleaning supplies. With narrow spaces, you could install hooks to hang all of these items or you could even purchase rolling carts to slide in these narrow spaces where you could keep canned goods and other dry foods.

Take Advantage of the Ceiling Space

If your vehicle is small, you could take advantage of the ceiling space and install ceiling mounted storage system. You could hang smaller items that you don’t use that much such as spare bike wheels, tents, sleeping bags, etc. This is particularly recommended and beneficial for those with smaller vehicles since the ceiling space is roomier. Just ensure that all items that you hang are secured since this could be a potential for accidents.

Garages are not only for vehicles anymore. It could also serve as workstation and workspace for your DIY projects, and of course, as another storage solution provider.